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Ash Adamson
Posted Aug 03 - Read on Facebook

Hey yo! Framer Sessions SF will be held on August 5th.
To give everyone a chance for a ticket, I will open up spots August 3rd

Still looking for mentors if you'd like to volunteer!

Event Link:


Guillermo Romero Jr

Getting an oops! error on the Eventbrite page

Ash Adamson

Guillermo Romero Jr thanks for the heads up. I fixed if that works lettme know!

Guillermo Romero Jr

Works now!

Max Kessler

Do we need to have a bunch of experience prior to the session?

Ankit Joshi

Is there a way to access session 01 & 02 before or same question as Max Kessler ?

Chad Lonberger

Hey Ben Adamson, what do you need re: mentors? Floating help/q&a individually or presenting/demoing works to the entire group?

Ash Adamson

Chad, walkthroughs w a small group would be great. It'd be a combo of q&a, walkthrough and examples

Ash Adamson

Max, no experience required, but always helps to be familiar with it and give it a try beforehand. cc: Ankit

Max Kessler

Cool, I'm definitely familiar, but looking to get over the beginners hump. +1 on Ankit's comment, are there any artifacts or access to the first couple sessions?

Ash Adamson

Yes! While they're not thorough, they have some gems of info.
Max, Ankit

Rapha Ël

hey framers from Paris are we gonna plain smg like this ? :)

Max Kessler

Thanks Ben! See you on the 5th.

Ian Sterling

Will there be more events like this coming up? I'm moving out to the SF area later this month.

Sumul Shah

Ben I'd be down to mentor if you're still looking for volunteers! And I'm assuming there's not several days of volunteer training leading up to it. ;-)

Devin Abbott

Ben I can mentor too if you still need more! Otherwise I'll just come and watch the awesome presentations :)

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