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Guillermo Romero Jr
Posted Jul 29 - Read on Facebook

I've got a sketch file I'm using for art. Imported successfully. Set indexes accordingly to get the layering I'm looking for. I then put some of the imported assets into a scroll component. As soon as I do that, it ignores the indexes from all the imported art from Sketch and index = 0 puts it behind everything, and index = 1 places it in front of everything, ignoring all my other indexes(I'm using 0-5). I'm guessing it's because it looks at the imported sketch file as a separate layer from the scroll component layer I create through code. Any suggestions?


Guillermo Romero Jr

On another note, the scrollComponent is acting as a mask and cutting off what I have in there. Is there a way to over write that behavior and just use the scrollCompnent to scroll the .content that is inside?

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