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Benjamin Bilow
Posted Jul 30 - Read on Facebook

Ok, here is another one: is there a way to make my entire framer project responsive with out using Jay Stakelon's fluid framer extension With out having to edit the html of my share?


Benjamin Bilow

thing = new Layer

thing.width = screen.width
thing.height = screen.height

Benjamin Bilow

This was a start but how to apply to a whole project.

Jonas Treub

You could define all sizes relative to the screen size and update the layout on window size changes.

You can detect window size changes like this:
window.onresize = ->
[tab]layout code

Jonas Treub

Not behind a laptop so I hope that code is correct 😅

Jay Stakelon

I should really make that into a module Benjamin Bilow huh.

Benjamin Bilow

Jonas Treub can't figure that one out. Do you have an example?

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