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Pavan Ravipati
Posted Jul 29 - Read on Facebook

total newbie to framer...I tried importing my sketch mockup into Framer Studio and can't figure out how to center my sketch mockups in the framer preview panel. pic:


Pavan Ravipati

I tried grabbing the background layer a variable and using .centerX and .centerY but I don't think my layer has a reference to the container it's trying to center in.

Nick Bewley

Easiest way is make sure your sketch asset is at position 0 in sketch

Pavan Ravipati

Worked! Thanks Nick Bewley.

Nick Bewley

No prob bud

Nick Bewley

Pavan also note that to use center, you need something like

Koen Bok

We should add a warning for this, when imported layers are all offscreen by default.

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