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Jason Nelson
Posted Oct 05 - Read on Facebook

Is there a way to control the placement of content in your framer prototype when the keyboard is invoked? I've got an input box in my prototype and when I put focus my content weirdly crops. Image illustrating behavior and example with code here:

TIA for any help!


Joshua Tucker

Hey Jason! Is this issue occurring in Frameless (cc Jay Stakelon)? If you save your prototype to your iOS home screen (thus saving it as a full screen app), this behavior does not happen. I would suppose that it could an app-specific issue and how it handles the UIWebView.

I took a peek as well online regarding preventing scroll on focus, but a number of the solutions are outdated and no one has posted any solutions relating to iOS 8.

Jay Stakelon

Thanks for the note Joshua Tucker / Jason Nelson - will definitely look into this!

Jordan Robert Dobson

Yes. This is a very very very tricky one to handle. Some of it is textsize in your input among other ridiculous things. :/

Jason Nelson

Thanks everyone. Yeah Frameless was definitely doing something funky but I ended up having different issues with saving my prototype to home. Ended up faking a keyboard to move onto the rest of the prototype. (Thanks for putting out Frameless Jay it's been so integral for my prototyping!)

David Dusanek

has anyone made any progress on this issue?
i figured you can use a hidden input field at the top of the screen as a kind of proxy – this keeps the view from scrolling while typing..

yet on focus(), the prototype is still being scrolled, depending on the y position of my last tap – any ideas on how to prevent that?

example on iphone6, tested with frameless on iOS9.01

– in safari, the proxy input doesnt work: the content of my grey input layer representation isnt updated
– in frames, scrolling is successfully prevented (everything works just as i like!)

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