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Raphaël de Courville
Posted Jul 28 - Read on Facebook

Is there an easy way to create a realistic bounce easing/tween in Framer?

I've looked at the Easie library but it takes a “time” variable. Framer doesn't allow using while loops so I can't implement it in the way shown in the example snippet (see image).

Thanks for your help!


Raphaël de Courville

I'm specifically talking about this:

Stefan Hvlmnns

if you want do do it your way, you could make a recursive function and pass in the duration.

Andreas Wahlström

I made a bouncing ball some time ago. maybe it could help:

Raphaël de Courville

andreas: Cool! I just found out about Utils.interval and was wondering if it could be the solution. Thanks for confirming :)

Alexis Morin

Raphaël de Courville, try using the built-in spring functions. they're based on real-world physics, if that's worth anything

David Phillips

You could import GSAP (TweenMax) as a node module and use that. Has a built in bounce curve.

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