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Dan Clarke
Posted Jul 29 - Read on Facebook

Hi all

this may be considered a strange request. but is there a way to force framer in to pixel mode rather than vector. I am trying to mockup an LCD screen at 96x64 resolution and need non-vector text.

I realise I could create assets in photoshop/sketch but I want to create some more dynamic displays


Dan Clarke

for the time being I am just using "font-family":"digital"

Adria Jimenez

Im afraid that you can't do it. Framer at the end works with a website so it's rendering fonts, and the fonts can't be pixelated. As you said, try to find a font that fits your needs and that should work.

Dan Clarke

As I thought, the font should suffice, thanks!

Andreas Wahlström

you can play around with the scale3d property in CSS. It's pretty hacky, though:

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