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Josh Ackerman
Posted Jul 28 - Read on Facebook

I just posted a prototype of a better tablet interface on dribbble, In the prototype I included a cool new alternative to folders based on graph theory. If any one is interested I could upload the source file, or write a small tutorial about how to make something similar.


Joe Barber

While I agree that there is potential for a more desktop-like interface on a tablet, your explanation of this prototype on dribbble is exceptionally pretentious and misguided.

For starters, small laptops and large tablets are in fact fundamentally different. One is primarily a keyboard and mouse interface, the other is a touch interface. The claim that the divide in their functionality is "simply a consequence" of their UI design shows how little you've considered the numerous factors that went into creating what has become the modern day tablet interface.

Disregarding all of the glaring usability flaw this interface creates for the sake of "minimalism", I can't even begin to understand how this folder system is in any way "simpler" than say the foldering system on iOS.

I get that you're experimenting with this overly minimal, circles everywhere OS style, and that's fine, I can appreciate exploration, but it's really hard to swallow when you frame as though you've created the world's greatest OS interface

Josh Ackerman

A touch interface and a mouse interface do not need to be different. They are, although it is a deliberate choice. I hardly see how that is misguided. Besides the fact that a cursor is smaller, and enables buttons to be smaller, why are they different?

Joe Barber

It's a deliberate and purposeful choice. By making them different we're able to fully utilize the advantages of each interface.
What's misguided is that your statement implies the method of interface with an OS is trivial. Which it is not.

Josh Ackerman

The graph opens on the home screen, not requiring all other apps to be hidden. Also, the graph grows, removing the need for multiple pages. It sounds simpler? Many people share your opinion, although, I have never met someone who wishes tablets could not run multiple apps side by side. Our fingers are closer to circles than squares, hence the reason I made all icons shaped like them. Additionally the cursor is a circle, making it a perfect fit for icons.

I would like to hear the glaring usability flaws you see, so I can improve them.

Pasquale D'Silva

Damn son, you should chill out on those springs.

Taylor Rogalski

Are you using Events.MouseOver? One example of the difference between laptops and tablets is that there is no concept of "mousing over" things on a tablet, as there is no mouse.

Josh Ackerman

No, I am using touch events.

Taylor Rogalski

Ah - when your cursor approaches the phone icon, it spins around in circles. If this isn't on hover, does that mean that I need to tap it twice to actually open it?

Josh Ackerman

Actually, that part is hover, I would change that to touch down, or get rid of it completely if it was actually running on a tablet.

Joel Leví Hernández

"Fundamentally, there is no difference between a small laptop and a large tablet."... Bro...

Josh Ackerman

I agree the icons could use a lot less spring. On the topic of large tablets having the potential to act like small laptops. The iPad can run one app at a time. In September that number becomes two. This is on a 9.7in screen. Now the MacBook Air 11in has a full version of Yosemite installed, and can run as many apps as possible (considering processing limitations). I am wondering what is so strange about a 11in laptop and a 10ish inch tablet being the same?Taking the mouse out of the picture why do the two devices HAVE to vary so much?

This is not even an idea that is only believed by me. A search for iPad pro on Google shows tons of images of iPads running OS X. Also the Microsoft surface is Windows running on a tablet. There are also numerous laptop-tablet hybrids on the market. Most of these products do not even have nice touch optimized interfaces, and millions of people enjoy them.

Chris Camargo

ಠ_ಠ Hover effects on a touch interface? That's a paddlin'.

Andreas Wahlström

wow. the community is cranky today? I'd love to see a tutorial on graph theory in framer!

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