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Katie Wu
Posted Jul 27 - Read on Facebook

So Chris Camargo and I tried to solve this issue last week but didn't make much headway: the pages in a PageComponent go 1,2,3 with a black square on page 2. Once the square is pressed, the steps switch positions to 2,1,3, but step 3 get's cut off from the PageContent and cannot be swiped to. Any ideas? Thanks!


JL Flores Mena

Hey Katie Wu this version works:
But I have to say, by changing the X values, you're not actually changing the order of the elements inside the PageComponent. Add this line to your Events.Click: "print pageComp.content.subLayers"
The order is always the same. So I'd recommend to rethink the solution if you want to swap the position of elements within a Page Component.

Katie Wu

I had tried calling updateContent(), but that makes the PageComponent jump back to the leftmost one (especially in my real prototype, not in the simple example I posted), which isn't exactly ideal behavior. The user is not supposed to get any visual indication that the screens are changing positions in the background

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