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Yang Gao
Posted Jul 27 - Read on Facebook

Hi, does anybody have this problem? I saved a Framer file and opened it again instantly, and its preview window was always blank. There wasn't any warning or error message, even thought I import my sketch file again, the preview is still blank.


Koen Bok

Hey Yang, my first guess is that this might be because of Chinese characters in your file name. Could you please help me with these (sorry for the long list):

- Check the inspector and send me any output
- Check window > server log and send me any output
- Save your file with western characters and see if that works
- Send me your file (with the Chinese name) so I can debug here

Feel free to send me directly at [email protected] and we'll fix it asap.

Yang Gao

Koen Bok The problem was indeed caused by Chinese characters! After renaming the file with western characters, the preview works. Thanks a lot! Should I still send you those things you mentioned above?

Koen Bok

Yes please! I'd love to fix it!

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