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Văn Công Bằng
Posted Jul 27 - Read on Facebook

Could someone please explain to me what DidStart and DidEnd actually are ?


Benjamin Den Boer

Hey Văn Công Bằng - let's see. All draggable layers include physics by default. This means that you can toss them around, and they'll have a little simulated velocity (momentum). If you set constraints for the layer, they'll be able to be dragged beyond them just a little bit (overdrag) - and eventually, the layer will snap back again (bounce). So the DragEnd event fires when you release the draggable layer. But, then, if you're really tossing it, it will still animate a bit further, because of its momentum. This is when the DragEnd fires and simultaneously the animation starts - so the DragAnimationDidStart event fires too. When the layer is coming to a complete stand-still (and any bounce animation stopped too), the DragAnimationDidEnd event fires. The layer has now completely stopped moving. If you want to listen to *any* movement of a draggable layer, you can listen to Events.Move. This will include any momentum/bounce animation as well. That's also the difference between DragMove and Move - DragMove only fires when you're actively moving the layer around, and stops when the DragAnimation starts. Hope this helps a bit. :-)

Văn Công Bằng

Thank you ! Benjamin Den Boer

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