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Antonio Krämer Fernandez
Posted Jul 24 - Read on Facebook

Hello Frameristos, I'm wondering how many designers use Adobe Illustrator for UI Design. In my environment I see that the majority of UI designers actually use Illustrator. I myself use Illustrator on a daily basis for UI design and found a workflow/workaround how to combine it with Framer. Basically I just distribute all of the assets on different artboards and export them directly into the images folder of the framer project. This way I can tune the concept and visual design while developing the prototype. This works well for me but nonetheless I was wondering if there is a plan to integrate Illustrator into Framer like PS and Sketch? <3


Tina Chen

I'm new to Framer. I also use Illustrator for UI work. I'm thinking to rebuild specific screen in Sketch so I can use it with Framer.

Guy Gunaratne

I used to. More so than Photoshop. Now I use Sketch

Koen Bok

There are no plans at this time. It's a lot of work to support an extra app, and honestly you'll probably be better off using Sketch for UI design.

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