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Ed Chao
Posted Sep 21 - Read on Facebook

anyone know a quick way to hide the layer inspector by default?


Koen Bok

You can't yet. Would you want this app-wide or per-document?

Ed Chao

app wide is preferable. And while I'm at it, another item on my wishlist is being able to set a default preferred width for my code editor panel. I work a lot on my laptop, so every time I open a file, I need to drag the divide so that my code editor is small enough to make space for the right panel x1000 = :*(

Koen Bok

We'll have it pretty soon.

Jordan Robert Dobson

Let me just throw code collapsing in there. I still want this every single day.

It helps my designer mind stay sane when running through code. But yes... +1 for Ed's suggestions.

Koen Bok

Jordan a lot harder :-)

Adria Jimenez

Ill prefer to have it per document, a simple collapse and expand icon that allows me to close it or open it if I needed and the state is saved per document.

Amy Casillas

Was this feature ever added? I thought I could hide it before, but updated to v70 today and I can't figure out how to hide it.

Jordan Robert Dobson

No you can't collapse the panel. You can detach the canvas however.

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