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Édouard Urcades
Posted Jul 24 - Read on Facebook

Hi friends!! Quick question regarding animating paths:

So I'm looking to animate a circle in the manner shown here (the circle loader), about midway on the page:

It's looking like at 0deg of animation none of the path is shown, at 360deg of animation time, the path is at its full length.

Any idea how something like this might be animated? Or what would be the best way to start?

Any help would be super-appreciated


Heni Amundsen
Michael Senkow

Don't need framer Edouard: (def not perfect but quick/dirty svg example)

Édouard Urcades

there's a reason why I'm asking this question in a framer.js group ya'll — if I was looking for alternatives I'd Google

Édouard Urcades

Fabian Buijing
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