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Jorn van Dijk
Posted Jul 24 - Read on Facebook

We just shipped a nice update to the Framer site. The frontpage has better copy, we overhauled the code base, switched to roboto, updated the color scheme (now consistent with the app) and changed the navigation to full width (white on scroll). Let me know if you find any bugs and we'll squash them right away.


Benjamin Den Boer
Robert van Hoesel

Looks great! Is this all stil made in cactus?

Benjamin Den Boer

Robert van Hoesel yep!

Tycho Klein Severt

Benjamin Den Boer I loved that dark blue (It's still dark blue but you know what I mean) and those all caps buttons. Still looks great though.

Patryk Sobczak

heh, just learned that cactus exists. there goes my afternoon.

Joshua Crowley

Jorn van Dijk Spotted a little bug – there's a green line on the Dropbox logo, from another sprite on the sheet. Noticed on the homepage.

Anubhav Saxena

Any chances of seeing Framer Studio on Windows?? It's pretty lonely there...

Dennis Kerzig

Sorry but I don't like the full width navigation on my 27''. There should be a max-width container, otherwise it feels like looking left and right before passing the street.

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