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Rapha Ël
Posted Jul 23 - Read on Facebook

Hello Awesome Community ! First steps with Framer.

I would like to know how i can select a layer from sketch and give it an animation
i tried something like this:

{ properties...}

didn't worked (tried to put sketch.theLayer in a variable too)


Katie Wu

If it's CoffeeScript maybe you didn't put the whitespace?

Rapha Ël

i did :)

Katie Wu

-----curve: "ease"

it looks something like that??

Rapha Ël

Yup, i think the pb come from the selector, if it's the good way to select a layer from sketch for .animate i'm blocked :(

Katie Wu

try debugging using "print"? If it doesn't print the name of your layer you know you have a problem

Rapha Ël

the print worked :s I wll clean my code and come back with the solution ;)

Andreas Wahlström

Theres a typo in your first post (properties). Katie's code should work :)

Rapha Ël

I finally tried another way, i created states & now it work :) thx guys

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