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Ash Adamson
Posted Jul 23 - Read on Facebook

Hey ya'll. Looking for mentors for the next San Francisco framer session. Let me know if you'd be interested in helping designers learn.


Kai Daniels

Please let there be more than a 7-minute window to get tickets haha

Ash Adamson

Kai Daniels! I'm sorry for the tight windows, this time I'll announce a time before they open so the most hardcore could wait for the time to order.

Tisho Georgiev

I can come by again for a new installment of "Framer Therapy".

Ash Adamson

Lol Tisho, yes please!

Mike Feldstein

When is it?

Ash Adamson

Mike Feldstein, it'd be great to have you! 8/5 do you think you could make it?

Mike Feldstein

I'll be just getting back in town on the 4th post more details and i will try. Last one was super fun!

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