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Caitlin Charniga
Posted Jul 23 - Read on Facebook

I'm currently trying to prototype a poll where the percentages animate from 0 to x. Does anyone know of any good framer examples I can look at that do this? I know I need to write something using the Utils.interval, but I'm really struggling. Here'a an online poll that has a similar number animation to what I want to achieve.


Stephen Crowley

Search for CountUp, I believe it's a module

Joshua Tucker

I couldn't find an example, so I built one! Let me know if this gets you rollin'.

Jonas Treub

You could also animate the width of an offscreen layer and display this width value while it changes. This way you can add ease curves to how the value changes. If you also display an animating bar chart for example. You could use Utils.modulate to get the exact value during animation. If you want I can make you an example

Jonas Treub
Jonas Treub
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