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Akhil Dakinedi
Posted Jul 22 - Read on Facebook

I have a bunch of full-width cells inside a scrollComponent, each with their own Events.Click action. it works well, but the problem is that the Events.Click actions fire when the user grabs one of the cells to scroll up/down (and then lets go of it).

Is there a way that I can trigger the Events.Click actions ONLY on an intentional click/tap? Not when the cells are being used for scrolling up and down on the screen?

Any help appreciated.


Jonas Treub

You can using check for scrolling using the isMoving property

Akhil Dakinedi

it has to be a draggable for that to work, correct? and isn't it read-only?

EDIT: also, your link seems to be broken

Fabian Buijing

works, thanks! was also looking for this :)

Akhil, for example with "button" inside a scrollComponent "scroll":

button.on Events.Click, ->
if !scroll.isMoving

Akhil Dakinedi

that worked! can't believe it was so simple. I kept trying to stop everything on the Events.Click if the scroll was moving. all I had to do was add an if statement before anything happened. -_-

thanks a lot Jonas and Fabian!

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