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Andrew Nalband
Posted Aug 19 - Read on Facebook

Hey Boston people! Would anyone be interested in attending/hosting/mentoring for a Framer JS event in Boston? I have been using Framer a ton and attended the last event in San Francisco with Ben Adamson, Koen Bok, Noah Levin and a ton of others and was hoping to do something similar out here in the Northeast.


Stephen Crowley

I can get you connected to other orgs/design meet ups in the area to get the word out. Hosted a few Prototyping Tools for Designers events in Maine and NH when I lived in New England. I'm sure people in the Portsmouth area would be interested in a Framer event and would make the Boston trip.

Koen Bok

Ben is working on a document on how to set up a Framer Sessions event.

Akhil Dakinedi

Yes please! This would be awesome.

Andrew Nalband

Koen Bok - that Ben, you just can't stop him.

Ash Adamson

lol! I'm working on a draft, sending you what I got so far!

Chris Chiusano

I would definitely attend! Sounds awesome!

Justin Glaeser

Ben Adamson can you send the draft to me as well? I was at the event in SF I would like to host an event in Sydney

Aashay Sanghvi

I would be interested in attending! When would you have it?

Andrew Nalband

Aashay, I don't have a date or location set yet, but I will post here as soon as I do.

Koen Bok

Let me know if you need help finding a space. I can hustle.

Tyler Mitchell

Yea this would be awesome!

Jordan Robert Dobson

Stephen how we looking for August. I can host at my house if needed. ;)

Andrew Nalband

We are targeting August 12th for the meetup. Still locking down a space! Please contact me directly if you'd like to be a mentor!

Andrew Nalband

Hi all - there are the details of the event! Set for September 9th in Boston at Bocoup!

Stephen Crowley

Nice! Shared on Twitter, hoping some New England friends can go

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