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Fabian Buijing
Posted Aug 10 - Read on Facebook

Hi guys! I'm trying to import my Sketch design into Framer.. I like to design @1x, but it also imports it at that resolution. Is it possible to import it at the right size automatically?


Giles Perry

As far has I can tell, what you want is not currently possible. It's a shame because designing @1x is a sensible approach.

Giles Perry

You can scale the design in Framer using Framer.Device.contentScale = 2 but this just doubles the size of @1x assets so the design remains low res.

Pete Schaffner
Fabian Buijing

For now I'll use the 'fullscreen' viewer, works okay I guess?

Nick Bewley

In Sketch : Edit > Scale > 200%

Josef Richter

slightly offtopic: I'd suggest designing in @2x anyway. Because @1x nearly doesn't exist in real world anymore, there's no strong reason (apart from maybe Sketch performance..)

Fabian Buijing

Yea, but I'd prefer not to have to scale everything when I want to update the design in Framer

Josef Richter

well, if you did it in @2x you wouldn't need to..

Fabian Buijing

Oh sorry, my message was @ Nick :) your comment wasn't loaded yet

Fabian Buijing

Yes performance helps, and it's easier to follow design guidelines so f.e. I can make icons 24px (24dp) and give it 12px clearance for touch, without having to calculate everything x2 or x3.

Also, it's easier to go from @x1 to @x3 than from @x2 to @x3

Miguel Solorio

I agree, and it comes down to personal preference. It's certainly easier to design at @1x and export out to @2x @3x @4x because screen densities are only going to increase.

Ben Painter

Miguel Solorio true enough. although working at 1x helps in having exact measurements for redlines, it definitely makes for some blurry assets :) Personally I work at 3x for iOS, and whatever the largest android resolution of the day is, then scale down as i export. the dimensions are the same in most cases, and it makes you bullet proof for any scaling issues you might encounter otherwise.

scaling up is always going to degrade your assets to some degree :(

Timur Nurutdinov

Guys, if assets are blurry, you can create and export another @2x and @3x versions later. For me it doesn't make sense to design at @3x just to have a bunch of icons. If developers use points rather than pixels, we should do the same to better understand processes and use the same language. Just my point of view.

Aaron Paterson

Solved in with the: "Framer.Device.contentScale = 2 " Yippeee

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