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Lukas Imrich
Posted Jul 21 - Read on Facebook

Dear Framer community,

I designed my prototype in Sketch @1x size, which means 360px width. Now i want to import it to framer studio. Framer studio always imports the file @1x size. Is there a way I can import files @3x size?

Now I do it all manually. I export each layer @3x size and then import to framer.


Josh Ackerman

You can use Framer.Device.contentScale, to scale content. For example try Framer.Device.contentScale = 3.

Lukas Imrich

Thats what I tried as well, however then all looks blurry, since real pixels are missing.

Josh Ackerman

I do not seem to experience blurry pixels? It is by no means perfect, but you could select your artboard in sketch and use the scale menu, to make everything three times larger.

Timur Nurutdinov

Seems like Framer.Device.contentScale works in range [0..1]

Metin Saray

I also have to create another document and double the size of the canvas. It was easier without the retina computer.

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