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Stefanos Kofopoulos
Posted Jul 19 - Read on Facebook

Hey guys. I wrote this tutorial for those non developers, creative types out there like myself. Would love to hear what you think.

My goal is to lower the barrier for beginners within the Framer community with easier to understand material. I hoped i helped a tiny bit.


Koen Bok

This looks like a really good tutorial, I like they way you tried to explain parts with metaphors.

Stefanos Kofopoulos

Thanks Koen. Means a lot hearing from The Maker!

Stewart Scott-Curran

Thanks for making this

Jordan Robert Dobson

Nice work! I'd like to add this to if you don't mind.

Stefanos Kofopoulos

Sure thing Jordan, it's written for the greater good of the Framer community. I'd appreciate if you link back to the original article.

JeHwan Jun

Thank you for your support. It's so helpful.

George Papadakis

Now that's a genuine surprise Stefanos ;)

Welcome to Framing buddy :)

Ruby Erker

Gonna try this out!

Stefanos Kofopoulos

Let me know how it goes Ruby

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