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Elliott Samuel Lemberger
Posted Jul 19 - Read on Facebook

Is there a way to animate color in framer? Say I want to animate a layer from gray to three other colors depending on what is clicked? Thanks!


Josh Ackerman

There are a bunch of ways to animate colors, or at least fake color animation. The easiest and messiest way is to use layer.hueRotate, along with states. You can somewhat recreate HSB colors with Framer methods.The pitfall of hueRotate is that the transition is not direct.

Alternatively you can use CSS.

Another method is to duplicate the layer, change the background color, and animate the opacity of one of the layers.

Also you can also use a method by Min-Sang Choi.

Finally, if none of these solutions are what you had in mind, third party libraries are always an option.

Elliott Samuel Lemberger

The css method is perfect...thank you!!

Jordan Robert Dobson

CSS method might be slower because it's not hardware accelerated. It causes repairs I believe.

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