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Jordan Robert Dobson
Posted Jul 20 - Read on Facebook


Periscope Heart Animation Module


A walkthrough I presented creating the Periscope app heart animation in Framer Studio from the July 9th, 2015 Framer JS Seattle prototype meetup at Disney in Seattle, WA.

The module attempted in the video was completed after the talk and is included in the Framer code above.

Topics Include:

• Layered Animations
• Emitter Creation
• Animation Loops
• Animation Objects
• Utils.randomChoice
• Utils.randomNumber
• layer.hueRotate
• layer.saturate
• layer.copy()

Post on FramerCode:


Fran Pérez

Super useful, thanks man :)

Giovanni Caruso


Jordan Robert Dobson

Fran & Giovanni - any feedback for me? I'll likely do this again and would love to see what you liked and didn't like.

Jordan Robert Dobson

Thanks for all the likes everyone. If there is feedback good or bad you have id love to hear it for my next one. :)

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