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Josef Richter
Posted Jul 18 - Read on Facebook

Now that animations landed in React Native, is there any discussion going on about basing Framer on that? What are the limitations? The benefit would obviously be that our Framer prototypes will de-facto be the native app front-end without need to export or translate anything.


Jordan Robert Dobson

In know they're looking at it based on GitHub issues.

Josef Richter

Jordan yeah I noticed. That was even before the Animation API. But now it could actually significantly easier.

Koen Bok

We will definitely continue exploring, but keep in mind that React and the native bridge is still being invented and are far from some silver bullet that allows you to ship your prototypes in native. If I compare the way people think about React native and the way how it actually will work, there would be quite some disappointment; there is a bit of an expectations mismatch there; pretty common with new and hyped technologies.

But they're moving fast and are testing a lot of interesting grounds for Framer, mainly their vdom approach, a new mix blending native and web and functional programming paradigms. We'll have the luxury to build on top of their stuff, or just use the best parts. Open source rocks.

Koen Bok

We have tracked some initial work here:

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