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Chris Camargo
Posted Jul 18 - Read on Facebook

Hey Frameristos! I gave a brief talk last Thursday at the Framer JS Seattle meet up at Disney, on the topic of creating multi-screen prototypes using FramerJS. I wanted to share the materials in case anyone else finds this useful.

As part of the presentation, I quickly covered the principles I follow when constructing a multi-screen prototype. I also showed off a simple view controller component that I built to help me create multi-screen prototypes without having to write and repeat a bunch of logic.

Here's my slide deck:

And my 1st attempt at a public component, ViewNavigationController:

Thanks, and feel free to ask questions! Its easy to get lost when you don't have the words to go with the deck. :)


Jonas Treub

Awesome exploration into navigation flows

Svet Denkov

Chris, thank you for putting this together! Is there a downloadable version of the deck?

Chris Camargo

Hi Svet! I think you can download the deck from SpeakerDeck. Just look for the Download PDF link on the right side.

Jordan Robert Dobson

YAY! This is awesome. So glad I got to present along with you that night. :D

Svet Denkov

Ha! Chrome hides the PDF option, but Firefox shows it. Strange. Thanks Chris for pointing this out!

Stephen Crowley

Thanks again for presenting Chris! Nice work and nice presentation!

Isaac Weinhausen

Right on! Can't wait to play around with this.

Mike Johnson

Hey Chris, hit the nail on the head with my biggest trouble spot with Framer. I am only ever asked to do "full user flows" through a product rather than micro-interations within it. Framer always fell short when it came to complicated "multi-choice" flows, and I ended up using invision or lately atomic, but lose the control that framer does provide. Thanks for the module!

Victor Trujillo


Ryan Gambles

This is great Chris! Much better suited to my current prototype than PageComponent. I got infinitely looping pages up and running in 30 seconds.

Chris Camargo

So glad to hear, Ryan! Jordan and Stephen, it was my pleasure. I look forward to doing it again sometime. :)

Stephen Crowley


JL Flores Mena

Great module, thanks for sharing!

Anubhav Saxena

Great, thanks for sharing..

Matt Bogado

Nice! Can you post your demo? Looking forward to read the documentation

Benjamin Den Boer

This is great - thank you for sharing! :-)

Brian Saunders

Very interested in looking into this approach, thanks for sharing! Big pain point for me in Framer.

Ash Adamson

Nice one Chris! This will be immensely helpful.

Ryan Gambles

Matt Bogado here's a shared version of the demo:

Chris Camargo

To Matt and anyone else interested in watching the presentation, I just posted a video here:

Please excuse the jump cuts. It was shot in 3 parts. Thanks to JL Flores Mena for recording. :)

Oh, and apologies for my hair. It takes orders from no one.

Jordan Robert Dobson

Thanks for the shout outs in the video Chris Camargo. I sincerely enjoy working and helping you out. You're honest and curious and that makes it a lot of fun. You've def taught me a few things along the way too!

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