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David Phillips
Posted Jul 17 - Read on Facebook

Is there a way to set the background color of a VideoLayer? When loading, the layer is black and I need to change it to white.


Mike Feldstein

Put a colored overlay on top of it and listen for the video on load event to remove it

Benjamin Den Boer

Hey David Phillips - videoLayers also have the backgroundColor property, but if you've also set the video source, as soon as it loads, it'll override the backgroundColor and display the video instead. :-)

David Phillips

Yes, I'll probably write a quick class that allows for what you mentioned Mike Feldstein. Benjamin Den Boer, I don't know if that's the case. There's not a frame of black in my video, yet before it loads, the layer shows as black. I have the backgroundcolor set to white. Maybe a bug?

Mike Feldstein

backgroundcolor or backgroundColor? If it supports the property that's a way better solution.

David Phillips

backgroundColor. Was just lazy typing. ;)

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