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Jordi Martinez Ortega
Posted Jul 17 - Read on Facebook

are the servers down? I can't load projects I am sharing


Jordi Martinez Ortega

this is why I get

Benjamin Den Boer

Thanks for the heads-up! This should be fixed now.

Koen Bok

I'll be working on it today, so it could be spotty.

Jordi Martinez Ortega

thanks guys, you truly rock

Elliott Samuel Lemberger

I've been having problems too. Was in a virtual meeting with our Argentinian devs yesterday trying to use framer to demonstrate desired functionality for our app and none of my prototypes would load. Still trying this morning and can't get things to load.

Elliott Samuel Lemberger

I actually just discovered that I can upload to my own server by uploading the whole project folder which pretty much solves the issue. Awesome that I can do that. Would be cool to have that functionality built into the app

Jordi Martinez Ortega

I did that for a client presentation. but, since it doesn't have the ftp built-in, updating it was not as easy as 'sharing' from Studio

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