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Katie Wu
Posted Jul 17 - Read on Facebook

If I have a sketch group with subgroups, is there a way to make the group a PageComponent and have it automatically add its subgroups as additional pages?

(if there isn't, maybe a suggestion for next release?)


Benjamin Den Boer

Hey Katie Wu - you can loop over all of the subLayers of your layer group and invoke the addPage() method on each layer, yes. :-)

Learn how to loop over subLayers here:
Learn more about adding pages here:

Katie Wu

Benjamin Den Boer the reason I asked was because even if I call addPage() manually or with a for-loop on a subLayer, it gets funky with pages that are more complicated than simple colored rectangles. It doesn't snap properly when scrolling and I can't seem to fix it. Check out this strange behavior here on a small example I made: Thoughts?

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