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Dan Clarke
Posted Jul 16 - Read on Facebook

Hi everyone. I would check this myself but my trial has expired and I have to wait until the weekend to buy my license. Can I set custom document sizes for Framer? I.e. not a desktop or an iPad but a physical hardware product that is 50x20cm in size?


Fran Pérez

Yep, you can create custom devices :)

# deviceType can be either "phone" or "desktop"
Framer.DeviceView.Devices["custom"] =
"deviceType": "phone"
"screenWidth": 720
"screenHeight": 1000
"deviceImage": ""
"deviceImageWidth": 800
"deviceImageHeight": 1203

# Set custom device
Framer.Device.deviceType = "custom"

Dan Clarke

Fantastic, thanks for clearing that up

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