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Philipp Doms
Posted Jul 16 - Read on Facebook

Hi all! I have some troubles wrapping ScrollComponent on click. The ScrollComponents gets wrapped around 'mainNav' by default. After clicking on 'navItem', it gets wrapped around 'secondNav'. Everything's fine so far. As soon as I click 'logo' and try to wrap ScrollComponent around 'mainNav' again, a blue frame appears and I can't scroll anymore. Any idea why this is happening? Cheers


Benjamin Den Boer

Hey Philipp Doms - it's possible that when clicking "mainNav", your first scrollComponent gets replaced with a new one that you've created on click. Would you like to create a new one, or would you like to also include the mainNav within the first created ScrollComponent? :-)

Philipp Doms

Thanks for your help Benjamin! "mainNav" gets wrapped by default (code line 2) and it should get replaced by "secondNav" as soon as you click "navItem" (line 10). As soon as you click "logo", "mainNav" should be the ScrollComponent again. Although I'm always using the same variable 'scroll' for storing the ScrollComponent, it seems like I'm not replacing it. Maybe a variable scope issue? What I'm basically trying to do is to reset all states etc. — like going back to blank canvas and restart the whole prototype by clicking one specific element. But I guess there's no function for this use case, right? :)

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