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Josh Ackerman
Posted Jul 16 - Read on Facebook

Has anyone achieved a floating/hover effect through animation? My current solution which does not work very well, is to animate the layer position with y: layer.y - (Utils.randomNumber(2, 8) * direction), where the direction cycles through [-1,1]. This results in layer moving up and down, although it is fairly choppy. My next idea is to move layer around a tiny circle at a possibly random speed. It would help me greatly to hear any other ideas.


Benjamin Den Boer

Hey Josh Ackerman - I was playing a bit with animating particles / randomizing animations a while back. Here's one of those experiments - it may prove to be useful. I've used Math.PI, Math.cos and Math.sin to animate them in different directions. Hope it helps a bit! :-)

See video:

Jordan Robert Dobson

Ooooh. Nice Benjamin Den Boer

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