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Luis Ricardo La Torre
Posted Jul 17 - Read on Facebook

Finally finished my first animation that I'm proud of. Hint is the search bar when you scroll.

Dribbble Shot:


Photography by Ricardo La Torre


Samuel Beek

Is there a reason your using these type of girls?

Luis Ricardo La Torre

Samuel Beek I am working on an app for model agencies

Samuel Beek

Fair enough. The answer I hoped to see :)

Joel Leví Hernández

"Model agencies"

Brandon Souba

I'm werkin on an app to find hot chix dood duh

Brandon Souba

Cool animation for the search box. Are you animating the corner radius and width?

Luis Ricardo La Torre

Yes brandon! Check out the code on the link

Khai Pham

nice job, but I think Airbnb iOS app is using the exact animation concept

Luis Ricardo La Torre

@khai Guilty as charged

Wolo Wolo

@khai and?

Jeungmin Oh

Great photos...!

Tudor Baidoc

Looking good. Both photos and the animation :D

Mark Thomas McEwan

Airbnb uses this animation in their app, same colours too. Nice animation, well done.

Sarah Kranz

not cool!

Luis Ricardo La Torre

Sarah Kranz uh?

Sarah Kranz

oh I'm so sorry, should have read the comments above ... model agencies ftw ...

Aya Demler

still a little creepy doe lol

Aya Demler

lol not you luis just the need for the app

Luis Ricardo La Torre

Aya Demler I guess. The scouts are having trouble with a lot of model applications, so this should help the scouting process.

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