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Kev Craven
Posted Jul 16 - Read on Facebook

Hello, I've added some input text to my prototype (username field) and I'm wanting to change the placeholder text colour... How do I do it?


Jordan Robert Dobson

Do a search for -webkit-placeholder and you'll find it. I can't remember the exact name of the property but it's a WebKit specific one.

Jérémy Jones

You are everywhere Jordan ;)

Jordan Robert Dobson

I've been doing this for a long long time. :P You tend to remember a thing or too. I was very webkit focused for quite a few years as well. :D

Koen Bok

You know you can write it like this too right?

Jordan Robert Dobson

^ Yes that is so much better. :D

Jordan Robert Dobson

::-webkit-input-placeholder is what you want.

Kev Craven

Hi Koen Bok - my coding knowledge is very limited so the example I was copying was written that way. Pretty sure it's in Framer's example pages, thanks for enlightening me!

Kev Craven

Koen - check out the doc: - the method of styling doesn't seem to be working, can you shed any light? The way shown in the post image is greyed out underneath...

Randi Dumaguet

I used Adria Jimenez's input module because it is much easier to setup and control. This is from his Udemy class

The one thing I would like to know is how to get the onblur event which I couldn't seem to find. Trying the same method as the "keyup" mentioned in the Udemy class didn't work either. Anybody got ideas? Is is the same if I'm using the opensource Framer?

Randi Dumaguet

Hi guys, I figured it out...
You just have to address the layer.input like the following:

layer.input.addEventListener "blur", ->
# whatever here


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