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Kev Craven
Posted Jul 16 - Read on Facebook

Is there a simple way (I'm a coding newbie) to animate a PNG sequence in framer? It's a spinner animation created in After Effects. Or is it best to import a video?


Jonas Treub

Jordan Dobson made an animated Street Fighter character:

Kev Craven

Nice! Thank you! Although that code looks extremely complicated to my undeveloped coding brain

Jonas Treub

True. If you are new to programming I wouldn't start with animating PNG sequences. Maybe there is an easier way to accomplish your goal.

Kev Craven

I'm thinking hovering a small mp4 should work for now

Heni Amundsen


Kev Craven

tell me more Heni! How does one go about using that in Framer?

Marc Krenn

You could also export the animation as a video with alpha channel. See those links for more information:


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