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David Lee
Posted Jul 21 - Read on Facebook

I wrote a tutorial for Framer beginners and scripting newbies. If you have any feedback, please leave a note there!


Sarthak Pranit

Brilliant work man! Highly conceptual ... highly effective :)

Owen Lo

Thanks for sharing

Hans Kristian Smedsrød


Tobia Crivellari

Thanks for sharing! :-)

Tai Kim

Thank you!

Mark Finn

You're the reason I joined this group after reading the article - so thanks!

Damián Hernández

Very useful, thank you!

Dan Clarke

Great work David Lee!

Ivan Volkov

Great article. Thank you.

Stewart Pressney

Hey David Lee, thank you for your fantastic work! I have been coming along with framer, but you have helped me tremendously. thanks for your time!

Benjamin Den Boer

Really nice. Thanks for sharing, David Lee! :-)

Kev Craven

This is great, I'd love to see an explanation of the advanced inbox if you get a chance, Those for loops look very useful!

Kinsey Wang

Wow thanks! Looking for this for a very long time!

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