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Giles Perry
Posted Jul 14 - Read on Facebook

Is there a way of telling Framer Studio to ignore an artboard when importing from Sketch?


Balraj Chana

Hey Giles, Framer imports everything from your sketch file but ignores layers which are not grouped (globally).

Regarding artboards, only the first Artboard will be visible by default. All other Artboards are hidden, and positioned on top of each other when imported into Framer. You can simply set artboard.visible = false for artboards that you want hidden.

Katie Wu

I found it useful just to do away with artboards and use lots of groups, rather than having to deal with visibility when importing. Artboards also clip scrollable content so ScrollComponents don't really work on them

Giles Perry

Thanks for explaining. The new layer inspector makes it harder to ignore dartboards you aren't using. I'll have to organise my Sketch file better! A feature like they have in Invision, where you can add a prefix to an artboard name to stop it being imported would be nice though.

Balraj Chana

I agree, artboards are just another masked layer on your canvas. They can be easily replaced using groups.

Giles Perry

Thanks for the advice

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