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Giles Perry
Posted Jul 14 - Read on Facebook

I'm just getting started designing an app with Framer and Sketch. Sketch is set up with non-retina artboard sizes. e.g. 375x667px for iPhone 6. When I import my Sketch file into Framer Studio, the iPhone 6 viewer has retina dimensions (i.e. 750x1334px) so the designs are half size. How do I modify the import script so that everything is imported at 2x scale?

mysketchfileLayers = Framer.Importer.load "imported/mysketchfile"


Balraj Chana

It's easier to just scale up your [email protected] in Sketch before importing to Framer. Alternatively you can create a custom device.

Giles Perry

Shame there isn't a way to do it at the import stage. Is there any documentation for the Importer object? Is Importer.Load as far as is goes?



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