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Daniel Lin
Posted Jul 18 - Read on Facebook

I'm conducting user-testing sessions and would like to somehow capture users' interactions/experiences with a Framer prototype (that's loaded on on a mobile device using Frameless).

Maybe something that can screen-record their activity as videos, or access the phone's front camera to record users' facial expressions, or tracks which elements are interacted with in what order / at what time, etc, etc.

Does anyone have experience with using Framer or other mobile software to achieve this? Or recommendations?


Jonas Treub

You could use Google Analytics or a similar tracking tool. I don't think access to the camera is possible on mobile devices.

Brian V. Tran

hmm, the best idea at the top of my head is to restrict the area your user can move the phone and have a camera zoomed in on the screen. Simultaneously, have a test observer (or another camera placed elsewhere) casually keep an eye on his/her reactions while manually time stamping notes. Then afterwards review the video along with the time stampped notes. The challenge is obviously time syncing--but it's def not impossible or too hard. Good luck! lol.

Daniel Lin

Thanks, those are definitely good options for the purposes of the study.

I guess I'm also probing to see how Framer could potentially enhance UXR processes, compared to other prototyping tools :D

Mike Feldstein

Lookback is a good tool for that. If you can build Frameless from the source you can easily inject it, or if you have a Rooted iphone you can just install it on the phone

Vipin Kosuri

Lookback as mentioned above and also check which is also made by lookback

Jay Stakelon

Lookback x100

Jay Stakelon

Wow I'm late on this

Daniel Lin

Lookback's perfect! It's awesome and easy to set up (w/ the jailbreak method). Thanks for recommending :D

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