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Arron J Hunt
Posted Jul 13 - Read on Facebook

Working on an interactive graph


Josh Lee


Rich Zarick

Wicked dude

Alexander Braden

Neat visual, but what's the use case for that interaction?

Arron J Hunt

Alexander We thought it would be cool, so I decided to mock it up in Framer. Turns out it's a horrible interaction!

Looks pretty, hurts the user experience ;)

Alexander Braden

If you had multiple data sets I could see using that as a way to isolate a single data type in the graph. It would be a reverse of what you currently have, so hiding instead of revealing.

Robert van Klinken

Have you tried just animating it on load without interaction? Mind sharing your code?

Chris Chen

May be it is a good interaction when you trying to compare two sets of data, so you could slide the periods you want to check out against another one?

Jayaprasad Mohanan

This looks brilliant.

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