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John Grendon Enderby
Posted Jul 09 - Read on Facebook

Has anyone else had an issue where you animate the height, but it doesn't behave as expected (importing from Sketch)?

E.g. if I set an initial height to 0 and then animate to a different value in order to reveal the layer, weird stuff happens. It will work for the bottom most layer-group I'm trying to animate, the layer-group above that is just visible all the time (but the layer inspector says the height is 0) and the third layer-group behaves as normal.

Just a weird one I came across today


Benjamin Den Boer

Hey John Grendon Enderby - could you attach an isolated example that replicates the issue? Ideally along with the Sketch file? :-) It sounds like it may be an issue with similarly named layers, though, if it's grabbing a specific layer within a group.

John Grendon Enderby

Yeah no worries, I'll dm you a link.

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