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Pete Schaffner
Posted Aug 14 - Read on Facebook

If you've ever found yourself wanting to extend the functionality of any of the Layer, VideoLayer (or other class) properties without overriding the original, this is for you:

In short, call/reference `<BaseClass>::[get|set]<PropertyName>` while defining. This is also really handy when subclassing Framer classes.


Jordan Robert Dobson

Hell yea!

Josselin Ex-Nils

Even though it feels like it could be very useful, I'm not sure how I may use it. Do you have any "real world" example ? Also from reading the code, I don't understand why "I'm so much more than just `Layer#width`!" is printed twice : I see the width be set only once, when the layer is being created (not a coder...)...?

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