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Baisampayan Saha
Posted Jul 11 - Read on Facebook

Hi....I am facing some problem in accessing layers created by for loop.

I am not being able to initiate a click event, where in when I click the box layer shown in the code, the layers created by for loop will come to various positions of X.


Stephen Crowley

Is it case sensitive? Sorry not near my computer to double check but I see under your click event layer properties x is uppercase instead of lower case.

Baisampayan Saha

ya...X was uppercase....that solved one part of the problem. My bad. But it is not responding to the click event. As soon as I refresh the code, it is getting automatically animated. The layers are also not coming one after another as it should have been, as I have put a delay parameter.

Benjamin Den Boer

Hey Baisampayan Saha - could you share your prototype? I can take a look for you. Also, it may be the space infront of line 19 that's causing issues. Another thing: instead of creating two range loops, you can create a variable outside of your first loop. (allLayers = []) and within your loop, push the layers to the array. (allLayers.push(layer)). Then, within the box Click Event, you can loop over the layers instead: for layer in allLayers... to animate them. :-)

Baisampayan Saha

thanx....let me try that one....:)

Elliott Samuel Lemberger

I have a similar question. Is there a way to target a single layer created by a for loop? Say I want to have one of the layers created by a for loop animate when it is clicked on. How would I achieve that? Thanks!

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