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Jon De Heus
Posted Jul 10 - Read on Facebook

Hi all, I've been reading the Learn section on the FramerJS website in order to learn the basics, but at this point I feel that I'm ready to move beyond the basic tutorials. Are there any sites that provide intermediate level tutorials or help? Thanks!


Adria Jimenez

Hello Jon, I'm the creator of this course that covers from beginners to middle-advanced level.

Use coupon FRAMERGROUP to get a discount :)
I hope it helps

Tessa Thornton

Hi Jon, if you're looking for more help on the coffeescript side, I wrote a short ebook on coffeescript for framer

Anton Jarl

I bought your book a couple of days ago Tessa Thornton. Looks good so far!

Jon De Heus

Thanks for the suggestions everyone!

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