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Katie Wu
Posted Jul 08 - Read on Facebook

Hi everyone I'm relatively new to this so I have some basic questions:

I have five ScrollComponents and at any time only one of them is visible—but I have a persistent navBar, which is NOT a superLayer of the other components.
I want it such that whenever the navBar is clicked, the ScrollComponent that's currently visible scrolls to the top. Is there some way to find out which is visible, or should I just stick them into an array and loop though it, and check for visibility that way?



Julian Veerkamp

You could always keep track of the current visible layer with a variable.. Don't know of any other way. And couldn't find anything in the Docs.

Katie Wu

I just ended up looping but keeping a variable would work too (and it's cleaner) thanks!

Julian Veerkamp

No problem. I'm also very new, but trying to help where I can.

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