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Jordan Robert Dobson
Posted Jul 08 - Read on Facebook

Animation: Sprite Sheet Animation


I'm one of five presenting Thursday and the demo is part of my talk at Seattle FramerJS Meetup 02 on animation and modules.


I'll post up all the pieces after the talk. The demo above is a small piece of what I'll be talking about.


Johannes Eckert

those poor n00bs have to read your RUBY.UPPERCASE code.
what if you name your layer extension something like SpriteLayer instead of SprintAnimation. I thought you are creating a new Animation, not a new Layer until I looked into your subclass

Jordan Robert Dobson

I'm doing a bit of both. :)

Jordan Robert Dobson

Maybe name it SpriteAnimationLayer? It handles the animation for you... so Yeah... not sure.

Jordan Robert Dobson

Here's another simpler example and an earlier part of my talk:

Jordan Robert Dobson

I'll definitely be making this a module very soon. ;)

Benjamin Den Boer

Cool! Looking forward to the other pieces. :-)

Ola Laurin

This is great and just what I've been looking for!

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