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Mudassir Azeemi
Posted Jul 07 - Read on Facebook

I was discussing with my teammates about the FramerJS bit.

I have a question, it is so cool and dandy to make the interactive screen however how to build the prototype of a flow, for instance if I want to prototype the purchase flow with nice Interaction from one screen to another is there is a way to do it? Like linking couple of screens!?


Benjamin Den Boer

Hey Mudassir - you can use the PageComponent to easily piece together multiple static screens, which you can import from Photoshop or Sketch. Check out this Sketch Template to see an example of turning artboards into a set of interactive pages →

Kevin Gutowski

You can also do custom animations with state control. Layer.states.add { start: x: startPos, move: x: movePos}. Then define the animation and toggle the states with some sort of Events.Click

While this might be a bit more difficult when you first start, this is my usual flow for building prototypes because then you have fine control over everything! Hope it works out for ya!

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