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Dan Clarke
Posted Jul 07 - Read on Facebook

Hi everyone, is there a useful learning resource for framer and sketch?

I've seen this book which I'll but ( but just looking for some guidance on working with sketch in framer. Should I (can I) be using page components or layers when I have content from framer? I.e. can I work just the same way as I do with regular created framer objects?


Benjamin Den Boer

Hey Dan Clarke - you can use the PageComponent with imported layers as well as layers created within Framer. To wrap imported content within a PageComponent, you can use PageComponent.wrap(). To add regular layers to a PageComponent, you can either use page.addPage() or add them to the page.content layer. See this guide → to learn more, or head on over to the documentation for all available methods. :-)

Dan Clarke

thanks very much Benjamin Den Boer, I missed that

Dan Clarke

should I still use page components if i don't want swipe behaviour between screens? I have tried disabling both vertical and horizonal scroll but they still appear to work?

Josh Davis

Sketchcast has a few Framer videos you may want to watch. Skillfeed also has a great Framer tutorial series.

Adria Jimenez

Hello Dan, I'm the creator of a framer course and it can help you on prototyping with Framer Studio. You can check it here and use the "framerstudio" coupon to get a discount :)

I hope it helps :)

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