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U-Kyung Kim
Posted Sep 15 - Read on Facebook

Hello Framer fellows,
I'm having trouble with disabling scroll and drag on pageComponent.

It only works when I set the view as a scrollComponent.
Does anyone know why it only works with the scrollComponent? and If anyone knows how disable the scroll and drag function on a pageComponent

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Jeungmin Oh

It seems that page is still able to be moved with scroll disabled setting...

Joon Won Lee

Yeah.. It seems that scroll properties does not work on PageComponent.

Benjamin Den Boer

Hey U-Kyung Kim - you can disable dragging on the content layer of your PageComponent:

page = new PageComponent
page.content.draggable.enabled = false

U-Kyung Kim

Benjamin Den Boer Thanks for the quick feedback. I'm really appreciated! It would be more useful if you could update this to the framer docs, for the other users like me :)

U-Kyung Kim

Benjamin Den Boer I believe the framer docs could be updated more and more in no time. Again, thanks a lot!

Rafael Puyana

Benjamin Den Boer This simple property makes a huge difference when building simple linear prototypes.

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